Ground Protection

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Moving heavy vehicles, machinery or high volumes of pedestrian traffic over soft or muddy ground can be a difficult if your ground is unsuitable.

Here at Grid Guard, our ground protection grid systems work in supplying a nice, smooth ground surface for all your ground maintenance needs while withstanding bursts of extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Our systems are both temporary or permanent and able to bear up to 120 tonnes (subject to ground condition).

For more information on our efficient ground protection grid systems, contact a member of the Grid Guard team on 01942 701057 or, alternatively, you can email us direct at

Ground Protection Applications

Our ground protection panels can be used to protect:

The Benefits of Ground Protection Grid Systems

Grid panels are a great invention for those who’re looking for cost effective ground protection methods. Other benefits include:

  • Our systems are cost effective with prices starting at just 12.49 per m2!
  • They work in protecting grass, gravel and turf
  • Durable
  • Made from 100% recycled plastics
  • Come with a 10 year warranty when bought exclusively from Grid Guard
  • Free delivery
  • Save in ground maintenance costs


Here at Grid Guard, our ground protection panels are versatile, robust and suitable for use on a range of applications.

One of the main purchase reasons for our eco-efficient ground protection panels are their unrivalled turf protection benefits.

Eco-Efficient Drainage

Winter 2013/14 was officially the wettest winter in Britain since records began in 1910. The year saw bursting river banks, Atlantic storms tearing across the coastline and nationwide floods.

Since the turmoil, the growing need for eco-efficient ground grid systems has become more apparent in a bid to prevent extreme flooding across the nation.

Grid Guard grid systems or, sustainable urban drainage systems (suds) work in allowing excess surface water drain naturally back into the natural water chart with earth absorption.

The grid cells are crafted in a way which allows eco-efficient water drainage while protecting the ground from excess vehicle and pedestrian use.

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