Access Road Ground Protection

Here at Grid Guard our exclusive ground protection products and services are available for use on a range of ground types. We supply both permanent and temporary access road ground protection methods for use on your construction or civil engineering site.

As your leading supplier in ground protection products and services, we operate across the North of England, Scotland and Wales offering ground protection services for various surfaces including gravel and grass grid systems. For more information on our access road ground protection services, or general ground protection services; contact us today on 01942 701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively you can email us at:

Tell Me More About Ground Protection for Access Roads:

Here at Grid Guard, our access roads are designed specifically to be able to bear heavy duty vehicles and equipment and come with a 20 year product guarantee. This makes them especially useful in protecting various sites including; civil engineering, construction, highway maintenance, roadways, walkways, house building sites, access roads and more.

Ground protection mats for access roads work in protecting the ground from excess wear and tear from prolonged vehicle use. Grass and gravel roads tend to be more at risk of damage with excess heavy duty vehicle use and poor weather also has detrimental effects.

Our access roads are flexible, tough, and simple to install protecting a range of ground surfaces across various industrial sites.

Renowned for withstanding the rigours of industrial life; our access road ground protection equipment is sure to be the ideal solution for your project. Take advantage of our competitively priced services, 20 year product guarantee and UK wide delivery today.

Why Access Road Ground Protection is Important?

Offering a volume of challenges as far as accessibility is concerned, ground protecting access roads are an essential to any construction project.

Heavy duty vehicles driving to and fro construction sites constantly, natural affect the ground if it’s untreated. By investing in effective ground protection grid systems for access roads; your able to protect the grounds of the site effortlessly with no disruptions to work or productivity.

Ground protection grid systems are also fantastic health and safety measures decreasing the risks of slips and falls in pot holes or muddy grass. The systems are simple to install and with our exclusive 20 year product guarantee; they’re a great, cost effective investment and can be re-used.

Grid Guard offer efficient access road systems which are safe, secure and efficient in protecting construction site grounds with our specially made ground protection mats.

Grass Ground Protection

Depending on what surfaces you’re working with, depends on the ground protection system or access road which is ideal for you.

We supply both grass reinforcement access roads if you’re hoping to create an access road on grass surfaces which provides a grid system allowing vehicles to efficiently manoeuvre materials and equipment with ease.

Grass reinforcement mesh is simple to install, protecting your grass while on site work is underway.

Gravel Ground Protection

Gravel grid systems are also available here at Grid Guard working in protecting gravel ground access roads during the construction process.

Our gravel retaining mesh is a cost effective solution in ground protection solutions for access roads.

For more information on gravel or grass grid systems or ground protection solutions, contact a member of the Grid Guard team to discuss your needs today.

Why Choose Grid Guard?

Here at Grid guard, we offer premier solutions in ground protection methods for access roads.

We’re your number one company in ground protection services in the North West and go the extra mile to ensure every customers expectations are met and exceeded.

For more information on our services or to request a quote, please contact a member of the Grid Guard team today on 01942701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively you can email us at: