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Welcome to Grid Guard, you’re leading supplier of 100% recycled, eco-efficient grass parking pavers which can be installed and used both in your domestic or commercial land.

Here at Grid Guard, we offer a wide range of grass car parking pavers, each designed to bear varied weight capacities.

Grass pavers are a fantastic solution for extra parking space which is cost effective for your business or your organisation’s needs.

For more information, or to place an order for your efficient grass parking grid system, we welcome you to contact a member of the Grid Guard team today on 01942701057 or, you can email us direct at

What Can Grass Parking Pavers do for me?

Grass parking pavers are a fantastic solution to all of your parking needs. These sophisticated systems offer cost effective, eco-efficient and durable parking solutions aiding in protecting and reinforcing your parking land against excess vehicle use and poor, wet weather conditions.

When driving on untreated soil or grass, your land will naturally see wear in the form of dips, ruts and potholes.

Grass parking pavers are a fantastic solution to protecting your grounds against wear and tear leaving a nice, even surface for continuous vehicle use.

Are Grass Parking Pavers Durable?

Here at Grid Guard, our grass car parking pavers are unrivalled in terms of durability.

They’re robust, made from 100% recycled plastics and designed specifically to bear heavy loads effortlessly.

These grass grid systems utilise a clever, superior cell design which provides a sturdy surface which allows vehicles to park on grass without sinking or breaking.

Here at Grid Guard, we’re committed to customer satisfaction which is why we offer an exclusive 20 year product guarantee along with UK wide delivery and full support when you purchase our grass parking grid systems.

Installation Information

Installing Grid Guard grass grid parking systems has never been easier with our new, simple to install clip and flip interlock method. This means, you can save installation fees by fitting the pavers yourself.

If you’d prefer to have your grass pavers professionally installed, we do offer these services too.

For installation instructions, please see and download our free and simple to follow 4-Step Installation Guide, downloadable here.

Suitable Ground Types

Our grass parking grids are suitable for virtually every ground type although some may need levelling for best results.

If your ground surface is level, you can install your grass parking pavers instantly with no preparation, however, if you require levelling services, this is something we do provide.

For more information on this, please contact a member of our team for guidance on 01942701057.

Do your Grass Parking Pavers Help with Water Drainage?

Grass car parking pavers have a volume of sophisticated features including sustainable drainage.

The pavers are made up of cells which allow excess rain or snow water to drain through simply and with ease. This system allows all surface water to return to its natural path through earth absorption.

This process is what is known as sustainable urban drainage; a recognised eco-efficient way of supporting our environment in water preservation.

Read more about sustainable urban drainage here.

Why Choose Grid Guard?

Grid Guard value customers extremely highly which is why we go to new lengths to offer as much value as possible.

Take advantage of UK Wide delivery on all our products, a 20 year product guarantee and full support when you shop with us!

Based in Greater Manchester, we’re we supply efficient grass paving systems for parking throughout the North of England, areas of Scotland and areas of Wales.

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