Installation Guide

Grid Guards innovative systems are created in a way which makes them the perfect accompaniment for gravel driveways, grass reinforcement, car park surfaces and many other ground and flooring types. For more information, there are several ways of contacting us, call us on 01942 701057, e-mail us at or you can text us on 07872601229.


Construction (1)

The construction is made up of an interconnected lattice structure allowing the grids to also be used on slopes and angled areas. Areas such as these are prone to deterioration due to wear and tear and sometimes simply just gravity. If you’re looking to install car parking on grass or perhaps a stone driveway then Grid Guard’s reinforcements are ideal due to the diverse areas they can be implemented.

Our pavers are normally laid on a free draining stone base, this eliminates the requirement for the usual drainage pipework. This also returns the storm water to the water table relieving a lot of the pressure on sewers. If you’re wishing to install a gravel drive or maybe a plastic driveway; dependent on the existing ground conditions we may be able to offer a reduced dig or no dig solution. If you’re worried about the financial costs or you need to stick to a specific time scale, the dig or no dig solution could be very beneficial to you as both are severely restrained.

Additionally, if there are areas of grass which are free-draining and flat, the turf pavers we use can be inverted and pressed into the existing grass. This is done without the conventional dig-out and build-up of a sub-base, this is sometimes referred to the flip and clip or no-dig solution. This allows ground reinforcement to take place without the usual expense of a full installation. If you are looking to install some ground reinforcement mesh where you currently have trees and you’d like to protect the roots, this method is ideal.

Grid Statistics

Grid Guard’s systems are SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant. All are completed to be very high strength (up to 400 tonnes/m2). The interlocking easy clip on grid panels are patented which means you won’t find them anywhere else.

Our gravel and stone grid panels are tough and durable yet still lightweight, and all of our grids withstands frost and UV radiation. All of our ground protection products are 100% recycled and completely eco-friendly, minimising your carbon footprint. Our systems also have greater than 90% opens cells for gravel and stone retention. We have 5 different pavers, with 3 varied depths.

We offer full technical advice along with our planning and installation service, which will result in a maintenance free, long-life gravel and stone grids.

For more information on Grid Guard construction Grid Systems, contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057 or, alternatively you can text us on 07872601229.