Driveway Grid Systems

Are you looking for a driveway grid system which is durable, cost efficient and energy efficient?

Welcome to Grid Guard; the UK’s leading supplier of driveway grass grid and gravel grid systems for use in your domestic property.

Our driveway grids are suitable for both grass and gravel driveways and work in creating a smooth exterior parking surface protected from rutting, wear and tear.

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Information on Driveway Grid Systems

Maintaining a gravel or grass driveway is difficult.

While gravel driveways require constant levelling and raking to ensure they’re functional throughout the year, grass driveways, are subject to skidding and mess during poor weather seasons.

When drove on regularly, unreinforced driveways suffer due to wear and tear causing hefty maintenance costs which are avoidable with Grid Guard ground reinforcement solutions.

Gravel driveways, for example, start to grind and rest into a firm patch causing a need to purchase more of the material and go to the effort of laying, levelling and tidying this each time you top up.

Grass driveways, on the other hand fail to support all weather types often wearing during rain and snowy conditions.

Here at Grid Guard, we supply gravel grid systems and grass grid systems which work in maintaining driveways for a longer period of time.

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Gridded Driveways

Though aesthetically pleasing, maintaining gravel and grass driveways can be time consuming in both domestic and public sector environments which is why more and more companies, organisations and homes are taking to grid systems to ensure minimum maintenance.

Our gravel and grass grid systems are simple to install and keep your driveway functional with their ability to support heavy loads in all weather conditions.

With the Grid Guard home driveway system, all maintenance and traditional problems seen with traditional gravel and grass driveways are eliminated.

Ground reinforcement mesh retains the grass or gravel in the small gridded areas which prevents gravel from migrating into the earth and grass from skidding issues. They’re highly sought to protect your grounds structure.

The interconnected lattice structure supported by Grid Guard grid systems additionally makes it ideal for slope reinforcement that would otherwise be subject to deterioration due to gravity or wear-and-tear.

Why Choose Grid Guard?

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We offer full support with the products purchased from us which is what contributes to us being the leading ground reinforcement suppliers in the North of England.

Our services extend throughout the North of England, Wales and areas of Scotland.

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