Equine Ground Reinforcement

Here at Grid Guard we offer a wide range of equestrian ground protection products including grass mesh reinforcement which works in preventing rutting and poaching, suitable for all weather conditions.

Our grass paving grid systems can be laid onto either prepared or unprepared grounds which interlock with one and other to avoid possible tripping hazards while looking aesthetically tidy and more comfortable for the horses while treading along in their habitats.

Here at Grid Guard, our horse ground reinforcement mesh is textured allowing maximum grip for our four legged friends: perfect for those stodgy, wet winter months.

For more information on our plastic grass grids for equestrian ground reinforcement purposes; contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively, you can email us at: sales@gridguard.co.uk.

Areas of Land Most in Need of Grass Grid Systems

Known as succulent grazers, horses require land where they’re able to munch along fresh grass at their leisure. This is why it’s important to maintain and reinforce equestrian land as, while they roam around all day in colder weather conditions, the grass has a tendency to become overhauled by thick, stodgy mud.

Grass protection for horse land also works in saving costs in feeding products as they’re able to eat a mixture of the preserved grass which is maintained with the simple use of grass mesh provided by us here at Grid Guard.

Grass and ground reinforcement mesh is also used widely in stables and field gates allowing comfortable resting areas for your horses with effectively drained water grid systems.

The Benefits of Grass Reinforcement Interlocking Tiles

  • Durability in all weather conditions
  • Supported by both prepared and unprepared grounds or surfaces
  • Standing edges prevented by secure interlocking system
  • Safe grip with textured surfaces
  • Tiles work as a grid system allowing water to pass through them
  • Surfaces support hooves, joints and tendons
  • Easy clean
  • Usually don’t need to seek planning permission prior to laying mesh
  • Simple installation
  • Tiles can be removed and relocated
  • No risk of injury or splintering
  • Cost effective
  • Common ground reinforcement method throughout Europe.

Can Grass Reinforcement Mesh be used for Permanent and Semi-Permanent Ground Protection?

Our grass paving grids are highly sought for their durability and can be used as both a permanent or semi-permanent grass reinforcement solution.

They’re also useful for their expandable benefits which means, if you’re unable to support the cost of a large grass grid system you have the option of purchasing enough for the most important areas of your fields and stables with the option of expanding this in the future once you’ve experienced the volume of benefits the grass grid system offers.

As grass reinforcement mesh works in protecting your fields and preserving your grass, gridded areas benefit from no loss of grass which means these areas remain graze-able and mow-able.

Why choose Grid Guard?

Grid Guard is the leading ground reinforcement service provider in the North of England who extend services throughout Wales and areas of Scotland.

We pride ourselves on offering efficient gravel, grass and ground reinforcement methods at competitive prices while offering an unrivalled attention to detail and customer satisfaction commitment.

If you’re looking for ground reinforcement methods for equestrian use, contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively, you can email us at: sales@gridguard.co.uk.