Events & Shows

101_0897Grid Guards systems are created in a way which makes them the perfect accompaniment for music festivals, vehicle shows, overflow carparks and many other events which require reinforcement for the flooring types. For more information, there are several ways of contacting us, call us on 01942 701057, e-mail us at or you can text us on 07872601229.


Looking to organise a large even or show? Grid Guard have the solution you need to protect the area which this will take part on. Year after year hundreds of people comment on the state of the mud which is seen at festivals such as Glastonbury, Creamfields and Reading & Leeds. To some the mud is ideal, but to event organisers this is a nightmare, not only for the equipment but also for the health and safety of the performers and attendants.

Grid Guard’s system will significantly reduce the impact of severe ground erosion which will most definitely be experienced at an event of a large size. The grid system absorbs the impact of the weight and therefore protects the ground beneath.

Whether it be a gravel stabiliser, grass reinforcement or plastic matting, we have the solution for your event.

Festivals are usually a temporary arrangement, and provisional situations are ideal for our grid systems. The system uses interlocking tenons, this means that no pins are required which gives an extremely versatile, fit and forget product. The best part about our product is that it can be installed, pulled back up and then re-used again. Perfect if you intend to repeat your event at a later date!

We have black grids that vary in depth from 30mm to 50mm, depending on the type of usage the customer expecting. The cells can then be filled with various colours of angular stone chippings which you can choose to suit the surroundings.



The Grid system isn’t just ideal for the festival flooring itself, but also for overflow parking. Car parking surfaces are available in a number of materials. The systems are incredibly easy to install, and can be constructed using gravel, turf, stone and many others to create the ideal car parking area.

Agriculture & Animal Housing

Another ideal event which would benefit from our services would be Agricultural Event/Show. The grid systems we use are ideal to reinforce areas where live stock are kept, similarly, many equestrian centres also use our systems. The grids are suitable for stables and similar housing for animals, and because it can easily be pulled up and re-used, you don’t have to worry about having an area reinforced but then moving as you can simply pull it up and apply to the new area.

For any more information or queries on Grid Guard construction or our Grid Systems, contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057 or, alternatively you can text us on 07872601229.