Ground Reinforcement

Here at Grid Guard our ground reinforcement solutions are unrivalled with a 10 year guarantee, free delivery and eco-efficiency. If you’re looking for ground reinforcement or ground protection methods designed to suit gravel, stone and grass  grounds; contact us today on 01942 701057, e-mail us at or, you can text us on 07872601229.

Grass surface areas which are required for regular vehicle use and access are naturally prone to wear and tear, rutting and smearing. Here at Grid Guard, our grass reinforcement meshes are specifically designed for these uses.

Our grass and gravel reinforcement mesh is supplied in grid panels and is simple to install directly onto the gravel or grass you choose. As these gird systems are porous, it allows full water penetration preventing flooding and skid hazards.

Many buyers opt for ground reinforcement mesh as the porous structure also allows grass to grow leaving a natural finish, or the cells can be filled with gravel almost concealing the grid system leaving your ground surface looking neat, tidy and presentable.

Why Choose Grid Guard?

GridGuard offers a totally feasible alternative to the usual concrete or tarmac as a means of providing a stable surface to park, drive or walk on. In addition, our Grid system offers unrivalled drainage, to ensure you have a long lasting maintenance free installation.

Don’t be fooled by the plastic makeup of the Grid, all of our systems have been designed to withstand 400 tonnes per m2. We currently have five pavers which have three varying depths to cope with almost any terrain. The pavers are also designed to withstand the worst of our British winters (which we know seem to last all year!) to the hottest of our summers. The patented interlocking system makes the grids a fit and forget operation with 90% open area exposure.

Our grid systems are built for performance, safety and strength all while able to provide an superb sustainable drainage system. Reinforcement is something which all areas will benefit from, not only does it prolong the life of the surface you currently have, the erosion will be controlled and the area will stay appealing to the eye. Due to the tough cell construction and skilful design the grids maintain a high level of surface structure, and the weather resistance our systems offer are second to none.

Completely Eco-Friendly

Not only that, but Grid Guard’s systems are constructed from 100% recycled plastic, making this system one of the lowest carbon footprints of any surface stabilisation system. Truly eco-friendly. To ensure that your lawn or turfed area’s transformation is long lasting, our lawn-reinforcement system is expertly designed with superior durability and great strength.

Grid Guard are the dominant ground reinforcement service provider in the North of England who extend services throughout Wales and even areas of Scotland.

We pride ourselves on offering powerful grass, gravel and ground reinforcement methods at competitive prices all while offering an unrivalled attention to detail and customer satisfaction commitment.

If you’re looking for ground reinforcement methods for any surface reinforcement, contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057, text 07872601229 or, alternatively, you can email us at: