Grass and Gravel Parking Mats


Welcome to Grid Guard, you’re leading supplier of eco-efficient parking mats for use in your home or organisation.

We have a range of parking grid systems designed to bear varied weights depending on your parking needs each made up of 100% recycled plastics.

Whether you’re looking for car park matting, driveway grid systems or caravan parking mesh; we’re sure to have the perfect solution for you.

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What Can Parking Matting do for My Grounds?

Grass car park matting or gravel grid systems are the cost effective, eco-efficient solution to reinforcing and protecting your grounds against continuous vehicle use and adverse weather conditions.

When untreated land (usually grass, soil or gravel) is driven on for long periods of time, the land naturally starts to form dips and ruts resulting in unevenness and potholes.

With the use of our superior parking mesh, you can protect your land while creating and maintaining a comfortable, level surface for continuous vehicle use.

Are your Parking Meshes Durable?

Here at Grid Guard, our parking mesh is unrivalled in durability, made from 100% recycled plastics and designed to bear heavy loads.

This clever design provides tough and sturdy surfaces for all of your parking needs whether you’re looking for car, driveway or campsite parking solutions.

At the height of customer satisfaction; we offer an exclusive 20 year
product guarantee
, UK wide delivery and full support when you purchase our parking grid systems.

Are your Grass and Gavel Grid Systems Easy to Install?

Our grass and gravel parking mesh is very simple to install using the clip and flip interlocking method. Depending on the current condition of your grounds, you can usually lay them straight down with no preparation.

However, if your grounds have already suffered from potholes and rutting, you might need to have your grounds levelled before the paving systems are laid.

You can use our free and simple to follow 4-Step Installation Guide, downloadable here.

To find out whether your grounds would require levelling; contact the experts at Grid Guard today and receive free advice now.

Do Parking Mats Help with Water Drainage?

Another great feature of parking mats and grid systems is that they help direct excess rain water back to its natural path through ground absorption.

This is known as sustainable urban drainage and is a fantastic way of helping the environment and aiding in water preservation.

For more information on sustainable urban drainage, take a look at our sustainable urban drainage information page.

Why Choose Grid Guard?

Here at Grid Guard, we value our customers highly which is why we offer UK wide delivery on our products, a 20 year product guarantee and full support.

Although we’re based in the heart of Greater Manchester, we supply all over the North of England, areas of Scotland and areas of Wales.

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