Ground Protection Grids: Price List

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Provisional Prices

Please see below, provisional prices for our ground protection products.

Depending on your specific requirements, these prices may vary; discuss your needs with a member of the team direct on 01942701057 now.

General Price list, as follows:

  • Grid Gaurd Turf 30: ideal for clip-and-flip:  £12.49/m2
  • Grid Guard Turf 40: Ideal grass reinforcement: £14.90/m2
  • Grid Guard Black 30: suites driveways, footpaths: £16.10/ m2
  • Grid Guard Green 40: Suites driveways and carparks £17.30/m2
  • Grid Guard Black 40:  as above: £17.30/ m2
  • Grid Guard Black 50: heaviest duty HGV’s Coaches: £19.10/ m2
  • Grid Guard Green 50  as above: £19.10/ m2

For more information on each of our products, contact Grid Guard today for free quotes and advice on 01942701057.


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