Technical Ground Protection Information

Grid Guard offer robust ground protection grid systems which work in protecting turf, soil and gravel grounds from general wear and tear issues.

Our grid systems are durable and come in various sizes and depths to suit your specific preferences and needs. If you’re looking for efficient ground protection solutions, contact a member of the Grid Guard team today and receive expert advice, quotes and information on each of our ground protection solutions.

We offer full support with each of our ground protection and reinforcement products with a 20 year product guarantee and UK wide delivery!

You can contact our team direct at: 01942701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively you can email us at

Ground Compatibility

Our ground protection mesh products are compatible with grass, gravel and soil grounds. Each product we sell uses the same flip and clip method however varies in thickness depending on your intended use.

We offer complete installation services for those of you who’re looking for ground levelling services in conjunction with your ground protection pavers, or you can purchase the product and DIY install with the use of our simple, step by step installation guide. These systems are able to successfully alleviate the effects of unstable ground conditons.

If you’re unsure which service would suit you and your specific needs, contact us and we’ll advise you on what’s best for your circumstances.

Economic Efficiency

Our ground protection methods here at Grid Guard are made of 100% recycled plastics to reinforce ground surfaces. This allows efficient ground protection which is better for the environment.

Grid Guards ground protection mesh is also known for its sustainable urban drainage benefits. Sustainable Urban Drainage systems work in efficiently draining access surface water naturally, back into the earth’s natural water path. This is particularly useful in urban areas as concrete is one of the more common ground types. Since concretes waterproof it naturally causes strain to grids and sewage systems during excessively wet weather conditions.

Ground grid systems allow water to naturally soak back into the earth and return to the water chart efficiently and naturally.

Weight Bearing

Ground protection grid systems are fantastic for parking solutions, access roads, caravans and camp sites and equestrian grounds as they’re able to bear up to 400 tonnes per square metre.

These tough, durable grid systems can be installed either above or below ground level and filled with gravel, stone, seeds, soil or turf leaving the finished product looking aesthetically brilliant while their specific design means they’re unlikely to sink, rut or shift once installed.

Temporary or Permanent Ground Protection

Grid Guard ground protection and reinforcement pavers can be used for both temporary and permanent solutions depending on your intended use.

From our experience, we tend to find those who purchase products in the construction industry for access roads tend to use ground protection mesh on a temporary basis whereas those who invest in our systems for car parks, caravan parks and camp sites (etc) tend to use them for a more permanent solution.

Our systems are competitively priced and come with a 20 year product guarantee with UK wide delivery, full support and are constructed in a way which means they’re able to support virtually any need.

For more information on our ground protection products, why not call the experts at Grid Guard direct on: 01942701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively you can email us at

More information

Grid Guard ground protection pavers are manufactured using low density polyethylene (LDPE). This resource produces high compressive strength while allowing flexibility and unrivalled resilience. This allows our paver systems to satisfy all client requirements including footpaths, car parks, HGV access routes and more.

For more information, contact a member of the Grid Guard team direct today on: 01942701057, 07872601229 or, alternatively you can email us at Our ground protection experts will be able to offer accurate advice and information to suit your ground protection and reinforcement needs.

For information on ground protection prices, please see here.