Turf Re-Enforcement

Turf reinforcement mesh offers great sustainable drainage benefits which are built for efficient performance, safety and durability.

Here at Grid Guard, our turf reinforcement mesh is used widely in the building and landscaping industry for effective turf reinforcement benefits.

Our ground reinforcement solutions can be used on prepared or unprepared surfaces and are great for draining land water sustainably.

If you’re looking for effective ground reinforcement solutions which effectively drains excess surface water; contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942701057, 07872601229 or email us now at: sales@gridguard.co.uk.

Common Uses of Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turf reinforcement mesh is available to use on various surface types including soil, turf and grass based lawn. This particular mesh aids in efficient water drainage while protecting the land from damage due to wear and tear and vehicle use.

Key Ground Reinforcement System Information

  • Mesh is high in strength (up to 400 tonnes / m2)
  • The material is simple to install with interlocking, easy clip on panels
  • They’re lightweight, strong and durable
  • Can be used for grass, gravel & stone surfaces
  • Withstands adverse weather conditions including frost and UV radiation
  • Economically friendly- made from 100% recycled products
  • We supply 5 different types of pavers with 3 varying depths
  • We offer technical advice, assistance with planning and an installation service

Tell me more about this product…

Grass reinforcement mesh and ground reinforcement mesh is a viable solution for protecting your ground from flooding, potholes and unevenness. These grids are built for performance, safety and strength providing sustainable drainage and efficient ground reinforcement for a range of purposes.

Our mesh ground reinforcement grid systems are built to last with tough cell construction designed to prevent erosion while maintaining level surface structures. These systems are unrivalled with weather resistance and made from 100% recycled plastic.

Turf reinforcement ground grid systems here at Grid Guard are simple to install by inverting the mesh and pressing into existing grass. This means we don’t have to go through the disruptive task of digging out land and building up your sub-base- better still, you get the exact same results. A simple flip and clip and we’re done.

With the simple installation comes a reflection in price. Our grid systems are considerably lower in price since we remove the expenses of the conventional full installation.

About Grid Guard

Grid Guard are the leading grid system supplier in the North of England extending services throughout Wales and areas of Scotland.

We offer a range of gravel grid systems, grass grid systems and ground reinforcement solitions for various purposes.

We cater to events, car parking, companies, domestic installations, equestrian centres and more.

If you’re looking for efficient ground protection mats, why not contact a member of our team and take advantage of our efficient ground reinforcement products and competitive prices today.

Contact us on 01942701057, 07872601229 or email us now at: sales@gridguard.co.uk.