Reinforcement of Public Areas


Grid Guards contemporary systems are created in a way which makes them the perfect accompaniment for gravel driveways, permeable paving systems, car park surfaces and many other ground and flooring types. We can guarantee that our expertise is something to be sought after and will benefit personal and business projects. For more information, there are several ways of contacting us, call us on 01942 701057, e-mail us at sales@gridguard.co.uk or you can text us on 07872601229.

In heavily used public areas, erosion is something which can’t be avoided. Paths which have no reinforcement can wear away easily and quickly become not only unaccessible but also an eye sore. The Gridforce system is a great way to reinforce the area and also supply some longevity to walk ways and several communal areas.

A good example of this is installing parking on grass. Reinforced grass parking is going to be highly beneficial due to the amount of force that the area will be able to withstand, unlike an area which will become damaged quickly without the necessary reinforcement.

Instalment Methods

There are various ways in which you can achieve this;
A full dig installation.
A reduced dig installation.
The flip and clip solution.

In some situations, there can be areas of grass which are flat, they can also be free-draining. We use certain turf pavers which can be inverted and pressed into the grass that is already there, using the area which is already available. This is done without the traditional dig-out and build-up of a sub-base, this is what is sometimes referred to the flip and clip or no-dig solution. This allows ground reinforcement to be undertaken without the usual expense of a full installation. If you are looking to install some ground reinforcement mesh or grass parking mesh, this method would be highly beneficial. This method is even better for you if you currently have trees and are wanting to protect the roots, you can protect whatever is standing without having to destroy part of the area.

Our fully experienced team are more than happy to help you from start to finish with your project. Not only do we complete a full installation, but we also offer helpful and easy to understand technical advice. Our planning is thorough and you will be presented with a long standing reinforcement solution. For reinforcement which is guaranteed to have a long life, call Grid Guard Today.

For more information or any queries on Grid Guard construction or our Grid Systems, contact a member of our friendly team today on 01942 701057 or, alternatively you can text us on 07872601229.